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EGYPTIAN archaeologists have uncovered the burial chamber and coffin of King Senusret II who was believed to have ruled Egypt from 1897 BC to 1878 BC, it was reported today. September 01, 2008

The burial chamber was found in Al Lahun, the town built by Senusret which became Egypt’s political capital during the 12th and 13th dynasties, and where the king built his pyramid. “The coffin is made of pink granite and the burial chamber is lined with red granite,” said Ahmed Abdel Aal, head of antiquities in Fayum, south of Cairo. The team also discovered “corridors and passageways inside the pyramid built to mislead thieves”, Mr Abdel Aal said.Wooden parts belonging to the king’s boat were also found as well as alabaster and ceramic containers decorated with hieroglyphs. Senusret II was known for launching major irrigation projects in the Fayum area, turning vast areas of marshland into cultivable land.

Fuente Herald Sun


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